Developing Roots Teacher Guide Book A
Developing Roots Teacher Guide Book A

Developing Roots Teacher Guide Book A

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This Teacher Guide is for the first half of the year

Developing Roots is an innovative curriculum that uses child-centered experiences to teach math at the Kindergarten level.  A solid math foundation for future work and skill development occurs as curiosity is ignited and a love of math developed. Lesson designs include tasks that deliver high impact results through active exploration, collaboration, problem-solving, and reflection.

Current research in learning and teaching establishes the foundations for the instructional components.  NCTM’s guidelines provide the guiding math principals and essential elements of each of the content areas: Number, Measurement, Geometry, and Operations. Lessons are aligned with the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics and place emphasis on developing the Mathematical Practices.

Consultant: Dr. Carole Greenes
Authors: Sarah A. Schaefer and Cheri R. Gardner

Additional Information

Chapter 1-Number

Topic 1- Counting Sequence

Topic 2- Sorting

Topic 3 - Numbers to 10

Topic 4 - Ordinal Numbers

Topic 5 - Numbers to 20 

Extensions: Odd & Even Numbers

Chapter 2 - Measurement

Topic 6 - Length

Topic 7 - Measurement

Topic 8 - Volume